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Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line 1000 mts

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Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line is a personal favourite of mine. With its highly abrasion resistant quality and its super supple low diameter makes this a superb line for fishing at range. Pro Clear Fishing Line is made in such a way that it is produced with a reduced memory to prevent it coiling up on you. 

Pro Clear line for carp fishing from Gold Label Tackle, much thinner diameter than most specimen mono's, improves casting distance without risking breakages. Superior co-polymer technology line. Low visibility matt finish clear line. Accurate breaking strains and diameter. This specimen line is highly abrasion resistant and super supple with reduced memory. No more springy coils to cause problems. Superb for hook lengths and zig fishing as well as a main line. 1000 metre bulk spool.

12lb breaks at 14.5lb diameter 0.29mm
16lb breaks at 19.75lb Diameter 0.34mm
20lb breaks at 24.75lb Diameter 0.40mm

If you require Pro Clear in the same breaking strain as your regular line then choose

Pro Clear 20lb to replace other 15s

Pro Clear 16lb to replace 12s

Pro Clear 12lb to replace 10s