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Solar Tackle Black Lite Snag Bars

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Introducing the Solar Tackle BlackLite Snag Bars, an evolution of Solar's beloved adjustable snag ears now available in our premium aluminium BlackLite Range. Designed to provide unrivaled rod security, the BlackLite Adjustable Snag Ears offer both height and depth adjustability, catering to a wide spectrum of bite alarms available in the market. This innovation allows for personalized configuration, enhancing versatility across various angling scenarios.

The fully height-adjustable bars of the BlackLite Snag Bars empower you with the freedom to engage one, both, or neither rod retaining arms, adapting seamlessly to the demands of your fishing environment. This adaptability guarantees uncompromised functionality in every fishing situation.

The 'T' slotted adjustable base plate is engineered to accommodate ANY bite alarm, ensuring compatibility and convenience. A 2BA thread adaptor is provided, allowing for the attachment of common chains, arms, and Solar Titanium indicators. The inner thread is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the titanium indicators, streamlining your setup.

Crafted from stainless steel throughout, the BlackLite Snag Bars stand as a testament to Solar Tackle's commitment to reliability and durability. The precision of CAD design guarantees a product that is meticulously engineered for performance. A 'Hex' key is thoughtfully included to ensure straightforward adjustments and setup.

As with all Solar products, the BlackLite Snag Bars are built to withstand the test of time. Made in England with pride, these snag bars are designed to accompany you on countless angling adventures, demonstrating unwavering reliability and performance.

Choose the Solar Tackle BlackLite Snag Bars for a blend of innovation, quality, and practicality. Elevate your angling setup with a product that mirrors Solar Tackle's legacy of excellence. Trust in a brand synonymous with reliability, and experience rod security like never before.

Please note you are buying 1 x Snag Bar not as the three shown in the picture