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RidgeMonkey VRH300 Rechargeable HeadTorch

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The RidgeMonkey VRH300 Rechargeable HeadTorch means you'll never have to worry about batteries again! This rechargeable headtorch provides twin colour output and variable brightness, so you won't be scrambling around the dark with this new kit. Instead, connect the headtorch to a USB charger to recharge the internal lithium polymer battery cell and keep track using the built-in power display. In addition, this rechargeable headtorch comes equipped with a resistant, rubberised outer layer and IP64 water resistance - making it very hard-wearing. We at CPS Tackle believe RidgeMonkey have outdone themselves with this piece of kit; if you're looking for a rechargeable headtorch, this is certainly great value.

Water Resistant Technology

The VRH300 USB from RidgeMonkey boasts an IP64 water-resistant inner shell that has been developed by a team of experts. In doing so, the VRH300 HeadTorch can withstand water ingress from all directions - such as heavy rainfall. As a result, you'll have total confidence using this headtorch in all weather conditions.

Dual Orientation

RidgeMonkey has cleverly placed a power button on both sides of the device and incorporated a wide-range title system. Therefore, the VRH300 can be used on both sides up as there is no upside down. The device also comes with an 18-positon, 90-degree tilt function for added ease of use. So place this RidgeMonkey headtorch over your head, adjust, and you're good to go!

USB Compatibility

Monitor your power levels from the four-way, built-in display on the front face and top-up using any standard 5v USB charger. You won't be worrying about packing spare batteries or digging through your bag in pitch darkness ever again!

Green Light Output

Most head torches use a conventional red beam which is less harsh than white beam lighting. However, the RidgeMonkey VRH300 Rechargeable HeadTorch uses a brighter green light output. The human eye is more receptive to green light, improving usability and visual performance - visual clarity is noticeably better at lower lighting and helps retain natural night vision. Again, another feature that gives this head torch the edge.

All Features

RidgeMonkey VRH300 Rechargeable HeadTorch features:

  • Triple high powered LED output
  • High capacity 2000mah lithium polymer battery
  • Twin colour, variable brightness: 50-200 lumens
  • Five beam options to suit all situations: low white/green, medium white/green, high white
  • Simple push-button control
  • EUIPO registered design
  • Charge time: 4-5 hours
  • Battery life @ 15C: up to 90 hours (dependent on setting)

 If you have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to help.