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Ridgemonkey Connect Multi-Purpose Pan & Griddle Set

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The Ridgemonkey Connect Multi-Purpose Pan & Connect Set is made from a lightweight aluminium die-cast process. It comes with a deep-sided saucepan and a shallow griddle plate. These are coated in a Fluoropolymer non-stick coating that helps prevent food from sticking and is easier to clean after use. If you don't need to use the deep source pan you can simply remove it by way of the detachable hinges. This will allow you to use the grill pan to cook up some of your favourite food. Another neat feature of this pan set is that the Ridgemonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster XL is fully compatible with it offering more adaptability. 

Approximate dimensions:
235mm (350mm with handle) x 205mm x 135mm

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans
  • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Cool touch removable handles with magnetic lock
  • Unique detachable hinge design
  • Fully compatible with the RidgeMonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster XL
  • Can be used on all traditional stoves and direct heat sources (not suitable for induction hobs)
  • Protected registered design