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RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher

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Ridgemonkey's Advanced Boilie Crusher makes the tedious task of crushing up boilies a breeze. The robust ABS construction with corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades means this is a serious piece of kit that you know will withstand the toughest tests. Using a non-identical blade pattern, the lads a Ridgemonkey say, they can crush up a kilo of boilies in less than one minute. Due to the different shapes of each blade, the boilie crumb you are left with will be an array of different shapes and sizes. If you want the boilie crumb even finer, just put it through the crusher again. The crusher also comes with a quick-release handle, that makes it more compact to make it easier to stow away in your bag or even just to transport it to a fro. It has also been designed to fit directly onto the Ridgemonkey standard 17-litre modular bucket system, making it easy to catch the crumb. 

  The boilie crusher is also a great option for the Predatory and Sea Anglers for making crushing up dead fish easy and less messy.