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RidgeMonkey XL Bath Towel and Shower Caddy

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If you are planning any medium or long fishing trips be it in the UK or abroad the RidgeMonkey XL Bath Towel and Shower Caddy is a must. This stylish caddy has lots of compartments so you can store your grooming equipment. It has been designed to be rugged with a waterproof exterior with a wipe-clean lining and hanging strap. Inside it has zip secured pockets and elasticated securing straps to hold items like toothpaste, toothbrushes and razors to prevent them from moving around. It also has a mirror fitted in the top section of its efficient foldable design that will take up less room in your luggage. 

Approximate size: 285mm x 185mm x 95mm

   Also, you get a large Luxury Bath Towel mode out of 100% cotton making it extremely soft and absorbent. The towel has the Ridgemonkey branding running down the classy black finish to the towel. Also for when you are washing or drying the towel, there is a handy discreet eyelet to aid with hanging it up.


Approximate size: 160cm x 80cm 

Material: 100% Cotton

Machine washable