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Nash Titan Hide Camo Pro Standard & XL Waterproof infill (Clear Window)

by Nash
Original price £79.99 - Original price £85.99
Original price
£79.99 - £85.99
Current price £79.99

Introducing the Nash Titan Hide Pro Camo Waterproof Infill with Clear Window, the perfect accessory to enhance your Titan Hide Camo Pro and Titan Hide Camo Pro XL shelters. Designed to provide superior protection and improved visibility during wet conditions, this zipped waterproof infill panel is a must-have addition to your shelter setup.

Constructed with Aquasense technology, the Nash Titan Hide Pro Camo Waterproof Infill boasts an impressive 20,000mm hydrostatic head, ensuring maximum waterproof performance. Even in the heaviest downpours, you can trust this infill panel to keep you dry and comfortable, allowing you to continue your angling pursuits without interruption.

One of the standout features of this infill panel is the PVC door option, which offers improved daylight inside your shelter even during wet conditions. The clear window allows natural light to filter through, brightening up the interior and creating a more pleasant angling environment. This innovative design ensures that you stay connected to the surrounding nature while remaining protected from the elements.

The Nash Titan Hide Pro Camo Waterproof Infill offers versatility and adaptability to suit various weather conditions. The letterbox configuration door option provides excellent visibility, even in driving rain. Alternatively, you can utilize the traditional roll-up/elastic toggle door function, allowing you to customize the entrance based on your preferences and the prevailing weather conditions.

For added convenience, the infill panel features side storm panels that can be rolled and tied back, instantly converting the shelter into a full open-front setup in improved weather conditions. This versatility ensures that you can adapt to changing circumstances and maximize your comfort and enjoyment on the bank.

The Nash Titan Hide Pro Camo Waterproof Infill comes complete with four Nash T Pegs, providing a secure and reliable anchoring solution for your shelter. These pegs ensure that your infill panel remains in place, even in gusty winds and adverse weather conditions.

To ensure compatibility, please refer to the model numbers listed below:

  • T4224 Titan Hide Camo Pro Waterproof Infill is compatible with T4210 Titan Hide Camo Pro.
  • T4225 Titan Hide Camo Pro XL Waterproof Infill is compatible with T4215 Titan Hide Camo Pro XL.

Enhance your shelter setup with the Nash Titan Hide Pro Camo Waterproof Infill with Clear Window and experience the benefits of improved daylight, visibility, and protection during wet conditions. This infill panel is designed to elevate your angling experience, allowing you to fish comfortably and confidently regardless of the weather.