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Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw Hooks

by Nash
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The New Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw Hooks Are Lightweight This Improves The Presentation With Floating And Slow Sinking Hookbaits.

Since Marc Voosen has been apart of Nash Tackle he has helped massively with the develop of the new Nash Pinpoint range utilising the latest technology in carbon steel alloys, CARBIDE 617, this has resulted in the hooks being up to 50% stronger but lighter than the previous leading Nash patterns. Penetration & point design is what comes with the name Pinpoint, the very sharpest available. 

This runs along with the most advanced global classics such as the Twister & Fang hooks. Kevin Nash has taken this opportunity to add new patterns to the range and makes this guaranteed to be firmly on the big carp hunter's radar. 

The new Claw hook has more straight points, allowing each point to help the secure hook hold and make it near on impossible for the hook the shake.

  • The same unique design as the heavyweight Claw pattern in reduced wire gauge – perfect for floaters, zig fishing and natural baits

  • Wide gape for improved efficiency when direct hooking

  • Apex angled bend prevents bait slippage and masked hook points

  • Lightweight for improved presentation with floating and slow sinking hookbaits

  • 10 Hooks per packet