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Nash Indulgence Low Moon Chair Deluxe

by Nash
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The comfiest bankside chair has now got even better. The brand new Nash Indulgence Low Moon Chair Deluxe is a more robust and adjustable chair hence the added price, featuring spring-loaded adjustable mud feet for extra grip and comfort on different surfaces, it includes a dipped front leg assembly to help with comfort, allowing your legs to be comfortable without making contact with the frame. With the new leg design, it allows your chair to fold down more compactly and is a lot better than the original two folding bars on the front and back.

Although they have made slight adjustments they have also kept some of the basics, like the mesh pockets which are ideal for phones, receivers, power packs, and lots more. It still maintains the stylish Nash camo on the chair and an enhanced microfleece padded skirt on the outer ring of the moon, and a peach skin mattress for the actual chair itself. With the design of the chair and the added padding, it makes for one of the comfiest chairs on the market.
  • The famous Indulgence bucket seat for ultimate bankside comfort
  • Adjustable legs and swivel mud feet
  • Mesh valuables pockets for receivers, keys and phones
  • Peachskin mattress and micro fleece padded skirt
  • Enlarged Nash camo print finish

Product Information

Low Moon Chair Deluxe

100cm (w) x 30cm (h)

Weight: 7.6kg