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Nash Flota Bucket Bundle

by Nash
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Introducing the Nash Flota Bucket Bundle, a must-have for carp anglers looking to enhance their surface fishing game. This bundle includes a range of carefully selected items, designed to give you an edge when targeting carp on the surface. Perfectly suited for carp fishing enthusiasts, this bundle provides you with all the essentials needed for successful surface angling adventures.

Included in the bundle is the Floating Dog Biscuit, a highly buoyant bait that mimics the appearance and texture of a dog biscuit. This effective surface bait is designed to entice carp to feed confidently on the surface, offering an exciting angling experience.

To further enhance your surface fishing tactics, the Slicker Floaters are included in the bundle. These specially designed floaters are easy to cast and create a realistic presentation, increasing your chances of attracting carp to the surface.

The Flota Claw Size 10 is an essential component of this bundle. This reliable and strong hook ensures secure hook holds when targeting carp on the surface, giving you the confidence to land those prized catches.

For Zig rig enthusiasts, the Zig Flo 10lb 100m line is included, allowing you to create effective zig rigs for fooling carp in the upper layers of the water column. This high-quality line ensures optimal strength and durability, ensuring you're ready to tackle any surface fishing scenario.

To provide versatility in your surface fishing approach, the bundle includes the Bread Bomb Small. This innovative baiting accessory allows you to mold bread into a compact, attractive presentation that entices carp to feed confidently.

The Bolt Machine Surface Float 30g is another valuable addition to this bundle. This purpose-built float is designed for accurate casting and precise bait placement, enabling you to target carp effectively on the surface.

To conveniently store and transport your surface fishing essentials, the Spot On Rectangular Bucket 17l is included in the bundle. This durable and spacious bucket provides ample storage space for all your baits, tackle, and accessories, ensuring you're well-prepared for every fishing session.

The Nash Flota Bucket Bundle is the perfect companion for carp anglers looking to excel in surface fishing. With a range of carefully selected items, this bundle equips you with the necessary tools to attract and catch carp on the surface. Elevate your carp fishing experience and increase your chances of success with this comprehensive bundle.

1x Floating Dog Biscuit 

1x Slicker Floaters

1x Flota Claw Size 10

1x Zig Flo 10lb 100m

1x Bread Bomb Small

1x Bolt Machine Surface Float 30g

1x Spot On Rectangular Bucket 17l