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Nash Dwarf Pop-up Mat

by Nash
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The Nash Dwarf Pop-up Mat is the perfect compact mat/cradle for your fishing whilst still being padded enough for the liveliest of fish.

Unzipping the mat unleashes the pop up frame exterior which opens out larger enough for the padded mat to fit in turning it into a cradle,  The mat its self is 40mm thick of padded foam which allows the fish to be safe inside and not hurt itself, on opposing ends of the mat you have pegging points which keep the mat where it should be and not moving around as well as this it comes with drainage points so any water in the mat will not fill it up. Packing the mat away is as easy as putting it up by first taking the padded mat out and then folding the outer walls into its circular pack down shape and then simply zipping the mat up around it allows for a neat compact mat/cradle which isn't heavy. When packed away the mat also has a carry strap that allows you to carry it by hand or it can go over your shoulder.


  • 108cm (l) x 54cm (w)
  • Packdown 50cm x 54cm