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Nash Deliverance Throwing Sticks

by Nash
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Nash Deliverance throwing sticks come in two different lengths. 

You have the 20mm distance throwing stick that is 94cm long (37") and is ideal for baiting up medium to long range. Due to the light weight material the stick is made out of, it minimises the effort needed to use it which with reduce your fatigue making it a breeze to put out a kilo or two of boilies. Due to the way this throwing stick was designed, using the latest CAD soft wear, the curve of the stick accelerates your boilies like a bullet coming out of a gun. Also the curve has been designed to reduce the slitting of the baits when sticking them out. In tests, boilies were reaching ranges of 120 yard and fished with a sure grip handle with a safety lanyard, its staying firm in your grip even with wet hands.

  Now there's the 20mm Stealth Throwing Stick at only 52cm (20.5") long, it is ideal for using on smaller waters where its a bit too far for a catapult to accurately get your baits. Due to the stealth stick's size, it keep you low to the horizon, so making it harder for the carp to spot you. Also there's the reduced noise when using it, so there's no fear of spooking the carp that are close in. Once you get use to the stealth stick, it allows you to put baits out with a lower trajectory and you will be able to skip the boilies over the surface of the water, getting them to skim under those low branches.