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Nash Bait Citruz Pellet 6mm New 2024

by Nash
Original price £6.99 - Original price £27.99
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£6.99 - £27.99
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Crafted to the highest standards, our premium pellets offer a low-oil, high-nutrition formula ideal for intensive use throughout the year. Infused with a potent blend of vanillin, our unique Citruz® toffee palatant, and tiger nut meal, these pellets are designed to entice carp with their irresistible aroma and flavor.

Harnessing the renowned Citruz® liquid attractor blend, along with two sweeteners, these pellets are engineered to trigger an instant feeding response from even the most cautious carp. Whether used as a standalone bait or combined with other tactics, our pellets deliver consistent results and are sure to enhance your fishing experience.