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Korda Longshank Beaked Hooks

by Korda
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Originally based on popular fly hook patterns, the Korda Longshank X was reimagined with enhanced strength and sharpness, becoming a go-to choice for carp anglers. Now, after 20 years, Dan Fairbrass has refined this ultimate carp catcher to be even deadlier.

Drawing from underwater experiences, Dan made two significant improvements to elevate its effectiveness. Firstly, he introduced a beaked point, providing more secure hook holds and increasing the ratio of hooked fish to landed ones.

Secondly, the eye was further in-turned, now at a 40-degree angle compared to the original 20 degrees. This modification enables the hook to flip and turn swiftly in the carp's mouth, ensuring consistently reliable hook holds.

Remaining true to the original pattern, the Longshank Beaked boasts a forged construction with a stepped-up wire gauge for added strength. Its durability is reinforced with a PTFE coating.

Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8, with options for barbed and barbless configurations, each pack contains ten hooks.

Key Features:

  • Developed by Dan Fairbrass
  • Beaked point for secure hook holds
  • 40-degree in-turned eye for quick flipping
  • Exceptionally strong construction
  • PTFE coated for durability