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Gardner Specialist Landing Net Handle XT

by Gardner
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The Gardner Specialist Landing Net Handle XTt is the ideal way to net fish on steeper banks, when using zig rigs, on the edge of reed and weed beds or if you're just looking for an all-around solid landing net handle, they don't get more sturdy then this. It comes with a universal thread at the top of the pole which makes it ideal for all types of landing nets however it has been specifically designed for the Gardner Specialist Pan Net, However you can easily screw a spreader block onto the pole and use a larger landing net that way. As it extends to 3 metres it can also be used as a baiting pole for those tough margin spots or for under trees where you can't cast to it makes baiting a breeze as well as being silent. This strong endurable pole is very popular amongst river anglers, fishing for the likes of carp, barrel and even pike as it Is more than capable to adjust to any environment being able to extend up to 3 metres but also lock it anywhere in between whilst it still maintaining its sturdiness throughout. 

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty, constructed from strong and stiff twin layer carbon composite tube.
  • Locking mechanism comprises a robust metal collar and 4 tab compression mechanism – much stronger than poles with smaller, thinner locking tabs.
  • Standard 3/8″ BSF thread is compatible with all popular landing net heads.
  • Ruggedly built – weighs 650g.
  • Length= 1.75m extending to 3m. Diameter= 25mm.