Covert Tungsten Long and XL-Kickers have been designed on the basis of ‘set in stone’ rig mechanics.

The addition of a long kicker radically improves the speed at which a rig reacts and offers a high level of control in the way the hook turns aggressively (forcing the point downwards) to ensure the rock-solid hook holds in the bottom lip. Another benefit of this design and length is that it improves hooking potential without closing up the gape of the hook, so you’re getting all the benefits of the combination of an aggressive hooking mechanism and the potential created by using a really super sharp hook.

Thanks largely to the extra length of the kicker, the pivot point is naturally set further away from the hook point, and this means the hook takes hold slightly further into the fishes mouth, reducing the incidence of hook pulls even further.

The Long and XL-Kickers combine a long straight extension with a curved section, terminating in a 90-degree exit angle for the hooklink. One of the major benefits of our unique design is that it has incorporated a very slow taper which means the kicker can be cut down and adjusted to suit almost hook pattern and application. 

They’re extremely easy to use, it’s as simple as threading up the hooklink and onto the eye of the hook so it fits securely. It’s important that you always ensure that the in-turned ‘kick’ lines up perfectly with the hook point as this really makes the component work effectively.

  • The XL-kickers are 25mm long straight out of the packet.
  • XL-Kickers are best suited for hooks size 4 and larger.
  • XL-Kickers are 1.45mm I/D at eye end.
  • The L-Kickers are 24mm long straight out of the packet.
  • L-Kickers are best suited for hooks sizes 4 to 6.
  • L-kickers are 1mm I/D at eye end.

Manufactured with the densest tungsten polymer compound.

  • 10 Kickers per packet.
  • Suitable for most hooks sized 2-6.