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Fox Rage Funk Bugs

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The Funk Bug DR is a ‘deep runner’ that quickly dives down to 2 metres with just a couple of turns of the reel.

With its irresistible rolling action the Funk Bug arouses interest from the most lazy predators, especially chub and perch. With the integrated long cast system, this lure can be cast a long way despite the low weight, to fish places where predators have never seen such an agile fat prey before! In both coloured or clear water, there is a correct pattern for all conditions. Funk Bug is a top crankbait that leaves nothing to be desired!

The small 5cm long Funk Bug is a brilliant lure for smaller predators like perch or even chub. The quick diving action makes this lure perfect for casting towards fish-holding features as in can be cranked down with a sweep of the rod tip, placing directly in front of the fish. On days when predators are lethargic the action and size of Funk bug will often get a reaction. A great lure for fishing close to the bank on lakes, or for covering canals and smaller rivers.

F = Floating
Lures with the F logo are “Floating“. This does not refer to the diving lip or its diving capabilities. It just tells us that this lure will float right up to the surface and will dive when retrieved in relation to form, position and size of the diving lip. With every spin stop it will rise again up to the surface.

DR = Deep Runner
Lures with the DR logo are “Deep Runners”. They have a large horizontal diving lip with a slight inclination. These lures will always dive very fast up to 3 to 5 meters. Ideal for deeper waters or when the predators are right on the bottom.