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Delkim Rx-D Receiver

by Delkim
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The Delkim Rx-D Receiver has taken over from the Delkim Rx Pro Mini Receiver. This new receiver has had a complete overhaul, adding lots of new features. Delkim is now using digital radio technology, which offers far more advanced connectivity. For example, if your TXi-D bite alarm sounds, it will be picked up instantly by the Rx-D receiver due to the digital technology inside. 

You get a sound and light indication showing which rod has gone off, and there is also an adjustable vibro-mode that can be used when you wish to be quiet and have the receiver in your pocket. If you get a notification on the alarm, the receiver will silently vibrate in your pocket to alert you when the volume is turned down. The receiver is easy to use; you pair the alarm heads, and there's a 'Power On' indicator and built-in enhanced power saving. Other receiver features include Pulse & Visual Replication, Multi-Range Settings, Sunlite Mode, DND ( Do Not Disturb), etc. It comes with a lanyard, attachments and a moulded heard case.