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Daiwa Prorex Crazy Stick 110F

by Daiwa
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Daiwa Prorex Crazy Stick Lures are floating crank baits that will stay close to the surface when retrieved. These lures are designed to mimic what you do with the tip of the rod, when you retrieve them if you twitch and jerk the rod whilst reeling in they will dance and dart around mimicing an injured fish. They come in various colours that will intise a predatory fish to strike.

Yellow Shiner has a yellow/green back with a dull white body, red eye and a red gill.

3D Blue Holo Shiner has an iridescent blue back trasnitioning into a silver belly with a red eye.

Pearl has a cream white back and belly with grooves up the lure which hold a purple glare, the lure also has a red eye

Metallic Ayu has a gold back and a silver body which are both reflective which allows the lure to stand out more, also the lure has a red eye.