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Daiwa Flat Bait 100MR

by Daiwa
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Daiwa Flat Bait 100MR is a floating lore that dives down to a depth of 1.0-1.4m when reeling the lure in. These lures are designed to mimic what you do with the tip of the rod, when you retrieve them if you twitch and jerk the rod whilst reeling in they will dance and dart around mimicing an injured fish. They come in various colours that will intise a predatory fish to strike.

Setsuki Ayu has a dark brown back which transitions into a light cream belly. With grooves crossing over at the back of the fish. The lure comes with a crimson red rounded eye.

Fire Tiger comes with a dark green back with black tiger like stripes running down it, as the back merges to the belly the green turns to a lighter green and eventually turns to orange. The lure has a rounded red eye.

Gold Perch has a gold glittered back with black stripes running down which are also covered in glitter which stops when you come to the belly of the fish which is orange. The lure has a rounded red eye.

Ayu has a brown back which transitions down the side of the fish into a blue metallic and then into purple before finally changing colour to a browny gold colour on the head of the fish. The lure has a rounded red eye.