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Cygnet 12mm & 16mm Auger

by Cygnet
Original price £14.99 - Original price £16.99
Original price
£14.99 - £16.99
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Cygnet Tackle have added a, 12mm & 16mm Auger to compliment their Bankwear range. The 12mm is suited to the Minimal range and the 16mm is compatible with the 20/20 range. The Augers are great for screwing down into hard ground, to create a hole suitable for either the Minimal or 20/20 bank sticks or any other bank stick of a similar size. Also they come in great use for helping retain your carp safely via a Trakker Sanctuary Retension Sling V2. If you have a spare one, you can screw it down deep into the ground so it is solid, then fit in place and secure tightly a Cygnet Bank stick that suits the Auger. Simply screw the retention cord to the sling, in the top of the bank stick, creating a secure tether point for the retainer sling, which will prevent it floating away. When using a retainer sling, always make sure the water is deep enough to do so. If your unsure, don't use it!  

      The Augers come with an anodised matt black aluminium shaft with a bore size to fit the appropriate bank stick. There's a Matt Black collar attached to the end, with a fitted thumb screw to lock onto your bank stick to hold it securely. Also there the through hole in the collar, for the solid aluminium tommy bar that comes with the auger, which aids you to drill the auger into the ground. On the other end is a CNC machined cutting head screw point made out of solid stainless steel, to make light work of hard ground.