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ESP Flexi Anchor Rig Tube

by ESP
Original price £5.25 - Original price £5.25
Original price
£5.25 - £5.25
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- It is available in three camouflage colours: Olive Green, Camo Brown and Choddy Silt to help disguise and conceal the tubing.
- Being more supple and flexible than the E-S-P original Anchor Rig Tube, this material hugs the bottom, and follows its contours more like a Leadcore Leader.
- Whereas it can be cut down to any desired length, the 2.25metres conveniently produces the 0.75 metre sections, a popular standard length for tubing.
- The material is extra-tough and slightly elastic so it can be stretched out to remove any coiled memory.
- With a central bore of 0.65mm which is big enough to accommodate heavy reel lines or shock leaders, but fine enough to leave little room for trapped air in the tube.
- To thread thicker lines it is best to cross-cut the mono on an angle, with good quality scissors.
- Comparison table
E-S-P Leadcore Leader 5g/metre
E-S-P Flexi Anchor Tube 7g/metre
Original E-S-P Anchor Rig Tube 10g/metre