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Cobb Premier Air Grill

by Cobb
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Cobb Premier Grill System: Your Portable Culinary Partner

Experience the ultimate convenience and culinary freedom with the Cobb Premier Grill System. Whether you opt for 8-10 briquettes, charcoal lumpwood, or Cobb's Cobblestone, this versatile grill cooks an array of delicacies to perfection.

Portability takes centre stage, allowing you to unleash your inner chef almost anywhere you choose. Relish healthy cooking without the hassle of flare-ups, while the cool base ensures safe handling throughout the cooking process.

Designed for your ease, the Cobb Premier is constructed from stainless steel, making all parts dishwasher-friendly except the mesh base, which only requires a quick wipe down. Rest assured of its quality with a solid 2-year warranty, while its innovative design has earned it numerous prestigious awards.

Package includes:

  • Cobb Premier Grill System (refer to Cobb Premier for comprehensive details)
  • Cobb Carry Bag for hassle-free transportation

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Weight: 4.1Kg
  • Dimensions: D 33cm : H 33cm
  • Inverted Dome: D 33cm : H 26cm

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the Cobb Premier Grill System. Master the art of culinary excellence, explore diverse cooking techniques, and carry this portable grill anywhere your taste buds desire.