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Cobb Cobble Stones

by Cobb
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Cobblestone (6 pieces): Ignite Your Outdoor Cooking Experience


  • Prioritize safety and savings
  • Experience complete Cobblestone ignition in just 2 minutes
  • Ready for cooking within 5 minutes
  • Equipped with a built-in firelighter for added convenience
  • Crafted from sustainable coconut husk
  • A single Cobblestone offers up to 2 hours of cooking when used with a Cobb
  • Burns hotter and longer than traditional wood charcoal
  • Smoke-free after 2 minutes of ignition

Caution: Carbon Monoxide Hazard

  • Never ignite or use indoors
  • Ensure proper storage in a cool, dry space, away from flammable products
  • Maintain a safe distance from flammable items during use
  • After cooking, carefully remove the dome and grill plate to allow the Cobblestone to burn out safely away from children and animals
  • Ensure that ashes are completely extinguished before discarding them in a refuse bin, keeping them away from children and animals

Elevate your outdoor cooking adventure with the Cobblestone, a powerful and sustainable fuel source meticulously designed for Cobb cookers. Enjoy swift ignition, quick cooking readiness, and the benefits of eco-friendly coconut husk composition. Above all, prioritize safety and adhere to guidelines to create a seamless and secure cooking experience.