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Bait Box Sprat Deadbait

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Measuring approximately 4&rdquo in length, sprats are a great alternative to larger deadbaits and are particularly useful when pike and zander are feeding on small fish. Because of their smaller size, sprats are also ideal for long range fishing. 

Very oily, and with a silver sheen. sprats are very visible and can be easily flavoured and dyed using the Pike Pro range of dyes and oils. 

One great zander tactic in recent seasons has been to use just the head or a half sprat fished on a Pike Pro single treble size 8 trace. This bait has accounted for many specimen zander, from a wide range of venues. 

Sprats are very effective when float fished, and are a great bait to use when trotting in rivers, or on a float paternoster rig in stillwaters. Because of their smaller size they are best used with either a single or twin treble Pike Pro trace fitted with size 8 hooks.

A great pike and zander bait, sprats have been catching pike for decades and are the ideal choice when a smaller bait is required. Permanently dyed vivid red for extra attraction.