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Avid Carp Hook Shot Kits Small Eye

by Avid
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Hook Shot Kits

These unique kits allow you to create the shot on the hook presentation - a super-effective presentation that's often tricky to tie. 

To create the rig, simply slide the eye on the stem onto your hook and attach a Hook Shot of your choice. The rig is most effective when used with a critically balanced hookbait, so the Hook Shots are available in three different weights so you can create a super-balanced presentation.

The sliding Hook Shot ensures the hook sits at a prone angle and improves how quickly the presentation flips and turns in the carp's mouth.

The kits are available in small eye/large eye variety to suit small and large hooks. Each kit is supplied with 2 x 0.2g, 2 x 0.4g and 2 x 0.8g Hook Shots. Hook Shots can also be purchased separately.