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Avid Carp Camo Buckets

by Avid
Original price £9.99 - Original price £11.99
Original price
£9.99 - £11.99
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Avid Carp Camo Buckets come in two different sizes,10 litre and 17 litre. These tough and very durable buckets have a strong metal handle, fitted with a plastic grip for comfort when you are carrying it. These buckets are perfect for carrying all your bait, from boilies to particles. Also these buckets have been designed to fit perfectly into the Avid Lok Down Bucket Stand.

  Top Tip: I always store my freezer baits in a bucket when I go fishing and never use an air dry bag. I put the freezer baits in the bucket a day or two before I go, put the lid on and put them in a warm place so they start to sweat and go sticky. This starts to activate the bait and release the sugars and attractants in them.