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Avid Carp Air Range Spods

by Avid
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Air Range Spod

Avid have done it again with another new take on a popular carping product.

The Avid Carp AirRange spods are the result of over 18 months of development and work. Like with all Avid Carp tackle, we had a concept. Our unique means of attaching the spod to the main line means anglers can scoop up bait without the problems of mono tails getting stuck in your spod mix- a problem that has plagued anglers since the inception of the spod. The flexible arm also make retrieval of the spod more angler friendly, creating very little disturbance on the surface and a much easier line pick-up. The arm simply hinges upwards, taking the top half of the spod with it preventing unwanted drag through the water.

Since our idea was first spawned, we have refined the aerodynamics, hole structure and materials to create the ultimate spod. You'll notice the extended fins on the side of the spod, which almost gives it a space shuttle style appearance. These totally stabilise the spod for its initial ascent through the air, preventing any wobbling during flight.

There available in two versions - one with holes for general spodding work, and a solid version for use with maggots, liquids and sloppy mixes. Half the anglers we see out on the bank nowadays are taping up their spods, so it made sense for use to provide a bespoke spod for this purpose.