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Aqua Pioneer 150 Skull Cap

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The Aqua Pioneer 150 Skull cap has been designed for the Aqua Pioneer 150 Aquatexx EV to help reduce condensation build-up on the inside of the bivvy. This skull cap can also help with heat retention when you are zipped up inside, also on sunny days, it will help to keep the pioneer cooler. This is due to the second layer it creates and the air trapped in between the two layers of material will act similar to a thermos flask. The skull cap will create a small peak to help keep out the rain but mainly when youing the door in the letterbox style. It is very easy to install on top of your pioneer and once on it can be left in place when you are packing the shelter down. The skull cap comes with two rear ventilation vents to mirror the pioneer and this will help to increase the airflow in the shelter making it cooler in the warmer weather. When using the rear vents and they are rolled up this will also create extra light in the rear of the shelter. All this comes in a draw-string carry bag to keep it clean and safe once you've packed it away.