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Apex Baits Haliblood Pellet Mix, Halibut & Bloodworm Pellets Mixed - 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm

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The Haliblood Pellet Mix contains 2mm, 3mm & 4.5mm Halibut Pellet as well as 3mm Bloodworm. This mixture creates a great carpet of bait for fish to feed on. Due to the mix of pellets they will work in different stages. First the bloodworm pellet will breakdown quicker because its a softer pellet, which will create a nice aroma to start attracting the fish into the area. The halibut pellets will take longer you breakdown due to their high oil content but when they do the oils from them will leak up to the surface, attracting the carp down to your hook bait. This mix is also great for using in pva bags or mesh.