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Apex Baits GT Spice Shelf Life Boilies

Original price £5.99 - Original price £90.00
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£5.99 - £90.00
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Apex Baits GT Spice 15mm Shelf Life Boilies, have proven to be an absolute winner amongst our testers. Even in the packing room our mouths water due to the Black Pepper that's in it. The black pepper was put in because it's renowned as a carp attractor and one of the best spices used in bait, as carp like it hot. Also the black pepper can help keep Bream at bay, so the GT Spice is perfect if there's a high population of bream in the water. Also in this fishy bait is garlic, which is another outstanding carp attractor. The base mix is a blend of cereals and seeds, packing it full of carbs but also balanced out with protein so the fish are getting a food source that they will keep coming back for. Also in the mix is added fish meal but not in huge quantities and all the palatants and attractors needed to stimulate the carp into feeding. This bait comes in a stunning deep red colour and you can see its packed with food.

The best is, is if you buy 20 kilos or more, it works out at only £4.50 per kilo. So it works out to be a cost effective way to bait up, even if your fishing on big gravel pits or huge rivers.      

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