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Apex Baits 1 Litre Liquid Liver Extract

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Apex Baits Liquid Liver Extract has a thick creamy texture that is packed full of amino acid's that help stimulate carp to feed. Liquid Liver can be used as a boilie glug, liquid bait soak and is amazing when added to a base mix when making boilies. I love to thin out our liver extract out with our CLS liquid then I add a couple of mils of almond flavour, to make an awesome boilie glug. Once I've drizzled the glug over my baits, I sprinkle a very small amount of Apex Baits Crushed Hemp over them. Once this has dried to the bait and they are introduced onto your spot, the fine crushed hemp starts flaking of, fizzing and spinning into the water columns, enticing those fish down to the baited area. Liver liquid also makes a great alternative to Minamino.