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Carp Terminal Tackle

Carp Terminal Tackle


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At CPS Tackle we take Terminal Tackle very serious only stocking the best in Rig Bits like, Nash TT, Korda, Fox Edges Range, ESP, Avid Carp Gear and others.

The carp Terminal Tackle stocked at CPS is not only from some of the Top carp tackle manufacturers but its been tried and tested by some of the best Carp Anglers in the UK and from around the world. Since being in the trade I've found that people won't hesitate to spend thousands on their set ups but when it comes to the part that really counts, your end tackle, some anglers don't want to spend much on it.

I personally use Nash Fang Twisters because these hooks have never let me down, so I wont change. ESP Carp Gear do a fantastic range of hook, like the Big T Raptors or even their new Cryogen Hook range that are very competitively priced. Nash TT ( Terminal Tackle ) Range consists of Hooks, Swivels, Beads, Tungsten Putty, Combi Link which is a coated hook link and other great bits. Korda Stormed the market around 20 years ago, with their brilliant product marketing they got to the top of the tree with their new sales tactics, bringing out DVD's not only to sell their gear but show anglers how to use it and now Korda is one of the most sort after Terminal Tackle brand out there. Gardner Tackle has always produced very strong and well engineered End Tackle from Swivels, Lead Clips, Tail Rubbers, Shrink Tubing, Braided Hooklinks and their legendary Mugga Hooks which still fly of the hooks now.

At CPS we now stock the Ultra Sharp Eagle Claw Tro Kar Hooks. Eagle Claw Hooks have a triple sided point that penetrates with as little as half the pressure of other hooks and the are available in, Chod, Curve Shank, Wide Gape and Long Shank patterns.