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Sticky Baits are one of the Premium Bait Manufacturers in the Carp Fishing world. Sticky Baits Started out many years ago as a small bait company making high quality boilies, Popus, Dips and Glugs and were used by some of the best anglers in carp fishing. Its was then bought by Eric's Angling who took Sticky to the next level. The main two Boilies then were Bloodworm and Vortex but the biggest seller by far out of the two baits was Bloodworm. Bloodworm Boilie soaked in cloudy Bloodworm liquid was catching a lot of Big Carp. Vortex was doing well but it never used to sell like bloodworm boilies did. They also produced the awesome, Fluro Buchu Berry, Pineapple & N'Butyric, Peach & Pepper and White Chocolate pop ups and glugs that were tripping up a lot of big carp. Then Sticky Baits bought out a game changer in the Carp Baits World with the awesome Krill Boilies, Pellets, Pop ups, wafters, Glugs and The White One's that remains one of the most sort after and top selling baits on the market today. Sometime after this, the owner of Eric's Angling sold Sticky Baits to his brother who pushed Sticky on bringing out new bait ranges like the Signature Pop Ups Range and the Bait Sprays that would compliment the baits they were already produced.

     One of the ways the Krill Boilies was being used to devastating effect was to put a kilo or so of Krill Boilies into a bucket, pour some Cloudy Krill Liquid on the boilies to wet them, then sprinkle Krill Powder over them, shaking the boilies up to get an even coverage of the Krill powder. The Cloudy Krill Liquid is contains real krill so once the krill liquid has soaked into the boilies, your baits would have an uneven texture with dried on Krill Powder but also pure krill. Once the boilies were in the water they would start to break down over time with fine pieces of krill powder and real krill fizzing and floating up and down in the water layers giving off unbelievable attraction to passing carp. Even the Krill pellets have amazing effects on stimulating carp to feed. I did a test once on a local private water that is full of carp with the Krill Pellet and other pellets. In one bucket I used mixed pellets, Halibut, Bloodworm, Robin Red and Carp Feed Pellets and in the other bucket was just Stick Krill Pellets. I put about 5 or 6 handfuls of pellets around each rod in the margin, Krill on the left mixed pellet on the right. within 10 minutes there were a couple of carp feeding on the mixed pellet but there were a lot more carp feeding on the Krill pellet. To my amazement, once the feeding carp over the krill pellet had clouded the water up competing for it the carp feeding on the mixed pellet moved off and joined the others. Through see that for myself, wherever I go fishing now, even if I'm not using Krill Boilies I still feed the Stick Baits Krill Pellet.

     Sticky Baits have just launched the Manilla Boilie Bait Range consisting of, Pop up's, Wafters, White One's, Yellow One's, Paste's, Pellets, Stick Mixes, Glugs and Liquids. The Manilla is made of the finest ingredients that Sticky Baits could source and these are blended to the highest of quality putting the Manilla up there with the Krill. The Manilla Boilies flew of the shelve's when it first came out and it still sells very well know but I feel the Krill still sells more.

    Sticky have also bought out The Krill Clusters which are made from 100% pure krill, harnessing all of the natural goodness. The Krill Cluster are packed with high levels of amino rich proteins and omega-3 fatty acids keeping our carp fighting fit. Sticky Baits Krill Clusters can be devastating when mixed with spod and stick mixes or put into PVA Bags, the clusters can also be sprinkled loose into your bait boat and dropped straight on your spot.