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Carp Boilies

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Carp Fishing Boilies

When looking for carp bait, your first port of call should be carp boilies. Throughout the UK, anglers of all skill levels utilise carp boilies as an excellent way to help in catching carp effectively. These small, round boilies lure carp because they are packed full of nutrients and other attractants that draw the fish to the area and hopefully onto your hook!

Carp know what’s good for them - to an extent. They are attracted to the boilies because they are filled with nutrients they’d usually be eating in the lake. That is why it is essential to make sure you are using premium carp boilies. At CPS Tackle, we believe in stocking the best products to help give you that angling edge.

The two main types of carp fishing boilies are shelf-life and freezer.
Both types of carp fishing boilies can be crushed and cut into, helping create a boilie crumb. This crumb can be used in many ways, although the two most common methods make a wide spread of carp boilies with the hook bait amongst them. The carp swim freely into the baited area and go around swimming and feeding until they almost catch themselves.

The other popular method is done by creating a more densely populated area of boilies, again with your bait hook in the area. The carp will almost continuously feed on the boilies until they are either caught or full and leave the area.

Usually, freezer boilies have a lot of active fresh ingredients that are incredibly active in the water. These need to be frozen to maintain how fresh they are - hence the name. These need to be defrosted at the right time in order to have maximum impact on attracting carp.

On the other hand, shelf-life boilies do not need to be frozen, thanks to the fact that they are self-preserving. This can make them a lot easier to handle for longer fishing trips as they don’t need to be kept in a freezer bag or icebox. Shelf-life boilies naturally crumb over time when in the water, making the carp think the area is safe and full of food.

However you decide to use boilies, it is important to use them as a freebie to carp, use them to help them feel the area is safe and a good feeding place.

We sell tools to help dispense the boilies in both targetted and more expansive spread areas. If you’re unsure on what to do, it is worth trying both out and finding what works best for you. Of course, you can get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you in any way we can.