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Carp Fishing has evolved massively over the last 20 years and so has the...

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Bait & Baiting Tools - Featured Items

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Use this ot choose itesm to show up on the meganav

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Big Pit Reels

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At CPS Tackle we stock a large selection of Big Pit Carp Reels from...

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Black Friday Deals

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Our CPS Tackles Black Friday Deals Section.

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Black Friday Deals

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2019 Black Friday Deals

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Carp Gear - Featured Items

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Use this collection to choose items to be featured on the Carp Gear meganav...

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Carp Gear Sale

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Plenty of bargains to be had if you're looking for Alarms & Indicators, Barrows,Chairs, Bedchairs,Sleeping...

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Carp Reels

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At CPS Tackle we stock a large selection of Carp Reels from Big Pit...

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Browse our fantastic range of carp fishing clothing from the leading brands including Fox, Nash, Trakker and Korda. Find...

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Clothing & Footwear

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At CPS Tackle we stock a large selection of outdoor clothing and footwear, from...

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Clothing & Footwear Sale

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Browse our massive sale selection of outdoor clothing and footwear, lightweight summer wear, T-shirts, hoodies,...

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Delkim was formed in the late 1970's buy two carp anglers DEL Romang and...

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Browse our carefully selected range of carp footwear from the leading brands including Skee Tex, Fox, Daiwa, Korda and...

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Fox International originates from Essex by a chap called Cliff Fox. Cliff launched his...

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Free Spirit

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Here at CPS Tackle we stock the awesome Free Spirit Fishing Rods. We mainly...

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61 products

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Jag Products

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Jag Products produce Stainless Steel Bank Wear , Buzz Bar's, Bankstick's, Stage Stands,  Stabiliser...

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375 products

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Mainline Baits

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Mainline Baits has to be one of the biggest and most sort after carp...

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Kevin Nash started out making carp sacks for other anglers and due to their...

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Here at CPS Tackle we stock a selection of Fox Rage Predator Gear from...

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Ridge Monkey

42 products

RidgeMonkey was formed in 2014 by a Think Tank of like minded people who...

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Rig Bits

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Here at CPS Tackle we stock a wide range of Shimano Big Pit Reels...

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Sticky Baits

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Sticky Baits are one of the Premium Bait Manufacturers in the Carp Fishing world....

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Terminal Tackle

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At CPS Tackle we take Terminal Tackle very serious only stocking the best in...

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Trakker Products is one of the leading suppliers of quality carp equipment. Trakker was...

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